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Fascinate- U Children's Museum 

Fascinate-U is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994. Located in historic downtown Fayetteville,  North Carolina, this hands-on museum has been a destination where children have been able to explore their world through creative role-playing. The museum is designed as a “mini-city” where children can pretend and play while learning about services and professionsin the community.


Our mini city provides an opportunity for children to collaborate and interact with others in a safe hands on enviorment.  Fascinate-U promotes socialization and teamwork, and encourages creativity and imagination, as children can create their own stories and scenarios while playing around our many exhibits.

Overall, Fascinate-U is a fun, engaging, and educational place that promotes adventure, exploration, creativity and joy, and leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

History of Fascinate-U

Fascinate-U Children's Museum is governed by the Friends of the Parks Foundation, Inc. Friends of the Parks Foundation is a local non-profit organization working jointly with the City's Parks and Recreation Department to "create public support for expanding Parks and Recreation facilities and open space in the Fayetteville urban area."  






In 1992 two young mothers proposed the idea of a children's museum to the board of Friends of the Parks Foundation.  The board adopted the idea, and Fascinate-U has been the sole project of Friends of the Parks since 1993.

Fascinate-U Children's Museum opened its doors in the Tokay Park Recreation Center in January 1994.

February through May of 1998, Fascinate-U moved its operations to the PuttPutt building on Bragg Boulevard to sponsor the Dinamania exhibit, a Dinamation International traveling exhibit featuring life-sized robotic dinosaurs.  In November 1998, the doors at Today Park were closed for good for the move to our current location, the former City Hall.

January 23, 1999 was the proud grand opening of our $600,000 dollar renovation, including ground floor renovations and new exhibits designed by the Charlotte firm of Gaines Brown Designs.

Expansion to the 2nd floor was completed, which included a science center, elevator and fire sprinkler system.

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