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Once every quarter Fascinate-U opens the museum early on a Sunday for an environment that is less crowded and more friendly to different needs. 

Next Sensory Friendly Morning: 

May 26th: 10am-12pm

Registration is free, but recommended. Space is limited to 75 visitors (adults and children combined)

Sensory Friendly Mornings

Friendly Circle

Quarterly Sensory Friendly Mornings offer our visitors a relaxed and less distracting environment for those who benefit from it. Each event also features a hands on Art Project that is Sensory Sensitive. 

Sensory Bags

Play Date

Upon request we do have Sensory Bags available at our front desk that are available for check out (with the exchange of a photo id). Each Sensory Bag has noise canceling headphones, sunglasses, and fidget ball.

Fascinate- U is a place where a child’s unique abilities are embraced and encouraged to flourish and play at their own pace. Our mini-city offers the benefits of a role playing experience to support a child’s social & emotional development, and we strive to make access possible for every child and give every family an equal opportunity to learn and play in an immersive educational environment.

Our back entrance provides easy access for parents with strollers, individuals with disabilities, and anyone who may need extra assistance. We have an elevator  to get to our Science Center (2nd floor) or model trains exhibit (3rd floor), without any hassle or inconvenience.

Questions or Suggestions:

We are always learning at Fascinate-U! If you have any suggestions on how Fascinate-U can better serve your child and other children with disabilities, please contact Amanda Jekel at or call 910-829-9171

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