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About Fascinate-U

Fascinate-U is a regional attraction, offering first class exhibits and programs for children of ages one through twelve.  It occupies comfortable, bright, safe, physical facilities that feature static displays, interactive exhibits, and classroom space.  The Museum's programs provide a participatory experience with an emphasis on the interrelationship of the participants to each other and their environment.  Through outreach programs, the Museum strives to serve diverse and under-served segments of the community.  Fascinate-U is a public/private partnership sustained by base level public funding with growth coming from operating revenues, private donations and grants.

Fun Park
Fun Park


Fascinate-U Children's Museum is connecting young minds to their future through interactive experience with role-playing, creativity and fun!  Through hands-on participatory exhibits and programs, the museum offers toddlers to twelve year olds and their parents, teachers, and other family members the opportunity to explore themselves and the world around them. 


Fascinate-U is an educational asset that enriches young minds in our community. Our vision for the future is that we will be the areas leading educational resources for wonder and inquiry.

Kids in Slide
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