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Miniature City is an enjoyable, real-world experience for kids to learn about a variety of professional careers.

Our interactive exhibits promote creativity and challenges kids to explore their interests.

post office +play+children.jpg

Post Office

Improve your mail delivery skills at the Post Office. Kids can engage in fun activities that enhance their sorting and reading abilities.

911 Emergency

Understand the fundamentals of dialing 911 and distinguish between emergency and non-emergency scenarios. Demonstrate how to make the call and engage in role-playing to educate kids on what to communicate when contacting emergency services.

911 +play+children.jpg
court house +play+children.jpg


Learn about our justice system while you aspire to become a judge, lawyer, prosecutor, or even a defendant. It's important to understand how to be a responsible citizen and exercise your right to vote in the voting booth.


Gain an understanding of the importance of farming and the origin of your food as you learn about milking cows, egg-laying hens, garden plots, and market stands. Our fold-ups enable kids to explore the distinctive sounds produced by various farm animals and farming equipment.

farm +play+children.jpg
grocery store 2+play+children.jpg

Grocery Store

Explore the aisles for fresh produce, try your hand at using the cash register, weigh fruits and vegetables, and organize items by category. What a fantastic way to discover nutritious food options.

Construction Zone

Little builders can unleash their creativity in our construction area, equipped with wooden and magnetic blocks, tools, helmets, and other building materials.

construction +play+children.jpg

Army Command Post

ATTENTION!!! You are in the Army now! Put on your BDU and get down into the trenches. Our mini soldiers can climb the ladder to the lookout post for surveillance, rest on a cot, or map out enemy forces.

Musical Pipes

Musical pipes offer an excellent opportunity for kids to enhance their knowledge about sound and music principles, while fostering their imagination and creativity.

restaurant +play+children.jpg

Doggtown Diner

A complete restaurant experience awaits as kids explore their culinary skills by stepping into the roles of chefs, waiters, and customers in our mock restaurant. Our play kitchen is fully equipped with toy food, cooking utensils, and kitchen appliances.

Dr. I. M. Alrite

Ready for your check-up? Our medical facility is open. Kids can gain knowledge about the human body and wellness, while honing their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities by acting out the roles of doctors, nurses, and patients.

doctor office+play+children.jpg

Claws & Paws Animal Hospital

Kids can interact with their peers and act as patient owners, veterinarians, and groomers. They will engage with our various stuffed animals to determine what care they need to learn empathy and caring to others.


From being a on-the-scene reporter to delivering the 6 o'clock news report as a WNUZ-TV anchorperson, kids can experience different roles in broadcasting and reporting through our mock newsroom. 

News +play+children.jpg
Puppet show+play+children.jpg


Explore this exciting area where kids can unleash their creativity by crafting their own unique puppet characters, imaginative stories, and scripts.

Be Street Smart

The busy hustle and bustle of the city streets can be exhilarating. Kids can learn about traffic signals and other pedestrian and bike signs needed to keep the streets safe to commute.

street smart +play+children.jpg
Fire department+play+children.jpg

Fire Department

The important role of a firefighter is to maintain fire safety and prevention. Dress up in a firefighter costume, slide down the fireman's pole, and practice being on-call in a fire truck complete with a hose.

EMS Ambulance

Be a neighborhood hero as a first responder! Kids can aspire to take an action role as a paramedic or emergency medical technician (EMT). The interactive display includes medical emergency props that simulate an ambulance.


Gear Wall

Gidgets and gadgets. Push and pull. There's lots to manipulate while kids explore cause-and-effect relationships by manipulating gears that create various configurations. Experiment with different gear sizes to learn about how gears work and transfer motion and energy.

Police Car

Protect and serve! Kids can become an enforcer of the law when they dress up in a police costume and patrol the streets in our police car.

Stage +play+children_edited.png

Showtime Stage

Lights, camera, action! This theatrical area is packed with vibrant costumes, props, and musical instruments that can inspire endless imagination. Take to the center stage and create your own play, skit, or performance. Shine like a true star.

School House

Explore a rewarding career as a teacher leading a class of student in our one-room schoolhouse. This replica is filled with desks, chairs, school books, and interactive educational resources.

school house+play+children.jpg


Charge it up! Kids can explore the workings of electricity while discovering the many ways in which it is utilized in our everyday routines.

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